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A lovely couple has agreed to be filmed in full frolic, for posterity and for the money. Both are a little shy before the camera, but once they begin to heat up, kissing and touching, they forget the prying eye and whoop. Soon the woman’s breasts are completely exposed. They have just the right size, good shape, good curve and the skin of their little piece is delicately darker than the rest. Miraculously, they remain suspended horizontally and move well under the caress. The type also reveals the slot of the woman and he plunges tongue, always attracted by the two poles that form the backdrop to her clit. Excited, he watches the girl introduced one by one the five fingers of his hand in his hole. In turn, he pressed his fingers and hand almost completely. The bitch takes all, she is accustomed. It can even fist her ass! The camera does not lie, he put his hand into the ass of the bitch firmly set in its position above the buttocks arched upwards, tits stuck to the leather of the couch. They suck, they s’aspirent they are alone in the world!

Date: April 29, 2020

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